I’m still attending my weekly life class and absolutely loving it! I’m pleased with the progress I’ve made, drawing from life really makes a difference and has definitely helped to improve my drawing ability. This week we used inks, sticks and dry paint brushes to experiment with mark making. This appealed to my interest in linear forms. Much of the class again involved quick studies, many of them between 2 and 15 minutes. Towards the end of the class we did 2 half an hour poses and layered up with both grey and black inks. I found that there was not enough time for each drawing, but this forced me to work quickly. The permanence of the ink made me want to build up these drawings in the grey ink first, you can see how I’ve tried to plot out parts of the body several times to get the foreshortening right (not sure that i achieved this but it was a good learning exercise). I saw one of my peers making some lovely background marks with a dry brush and black ink, so I tried to recreate this in my last drawing. The drawings were made on sheets of A1 cartridge paper.







_MG_1990  _MG_1997  _MG_1999 _MG_2001 _MG_2003 _MG_2004



A lot of these drawings were done in quite a short amount of time in the class, which gives them a much greater sense of immediacy and movement. I’m still exploring the use of charcoal and I have been trying to focus more on tone in some of the drawings, as I have a habit of making drawings in a purely linear way.

Life Drawing Class

May 26, 2015

I have been attending a life drawing class at the Royal Drawing School in central London now every week for the last month. The techniques, difficulties and triumphs of drawing from life brought me back to my days at university a few years ago. I remember being told that we should draw everyday, and this is something that I still agree with. Life happens though, and while art will always be my first love, drawing is not always a priority on the greater scheme of things. The drawing class has kept me making art over the last few weeks, in what would otherwise be a creative drought. Here are a few of my drawings that I have practiced using charcoal in._MG_1959