As a side project, I have been working on a small oil painting for a friend of British actor Jack Hawkins (who acted in several films and on stage between1930-1973). I began the painting by using some very thin layers of acrylic paint, later adding oil. As the photo that I worked from was very grainy, I didn’t worry too much about small details. I think that the painting is almost done, I may do a few finishing touches when this layer dries.



Here are some images of my mixed media work on the theme of psychosis, dreams and different states of consciousness. I have been working on these over the last few months, adding layers of paint, ink and collage as I go. After a difficult few months at work I have also began keeping a diary as a way to express how I feel,  and to record a steam of consciousness and throughts as they occur. This will hopefully inspire future works and maybe evoke more abstract responses that will help to express and contain the intense emotions that I sometimes hold as a result of counter-transference. When I get a new scanner I will be uploading my recent visual diaries and sketchbooks.











I started this sketchbook of colour swatches a few months ago when I still had a colourful collection of national geographic magazines and  a box full of coloured paper. I had to leave much of my collage collection behind after leaving uni, luckily these colour combinations are still highly useful to me, I’ll be using some of them for my portrait portfolio.