I’m still attending my weekly life class and absolutely loving it! I’m pleased with the progress I’ve made, drawing from life really makes a difference and has definitely helped to improve my drawing ability. This week we used inks, sticks and dry paint brushes to experiment with mark making. This appealed to my interest in linear forms. Much of the class again involved quick studies, many of them between 2 and 15 minutes. Towards the end of the class we did 2 half an hour poses and layered up with both grey and black inks. I found that there was not enough time for each drawing, but this forced me to work quickly. The permanence of the ink made me want to build up these drawings in the grey ink first, you can see how I’ve tried to plot out parts of the body several times to get the foreshortening right (not sure that i achieved this but it was a good learning exercise). I saw one of my peers making some lovely background marks with a dry brush and black ink, so I tried to recreate this in my last drawing. The drawings were made on sheets of A1 cartridge paper.







Dreamlike States

May 31, 2015

Being off work this week has left me with a lot of extra time on my hands! Hence my increased productivity! I did some ink and water colour experiments a few months ago (working from my imagination rather than from life) after visiting the recent Marlene Dumas exhibition, these new drawings are a kind of continuation on a larger scale. I also found an older mixed media piece which I have added more collage and drawing to.

The images are partly abstract, partly figurative and include figures as I have tried to convey human dreamlike experience and altered states of consciousness. The figures are surrounded by flowing shapes and are without detail to create a sense of ambiguity.







Working on the same theme, I used a postcard from the Wellcome collection to inspire some ink drawings on wet paper. The postcard showed a section of a plastinated slice of a human body that can be seen as part of the permanent collection in London. I considered all of the naturally occurring patterns and shapes in this image, this also helped me to develop some new layers in my paintings. When looking at medical specimens and diagrams in both the human body and other parts of nature, I find that certain aspects appear to be intrinsically linked. This imagery has helped me to symbolise aspects the mind, neurones, and mental health in my work, and the differing experiences of consciousness in us. I like the idea of using some of these drawings for screen printing later on.

C0051409 Plastinated body slice with frontal cut



_MG_1716 _MG_1717 _MG_1718 _MG_1719

This textile piece was originally two of my acrylic mixed media collage paintings, I had added layer after layer but it just didn’t seem to work. I decided to strip the canvas from the frames then use voil, net and other fabrics to add more depth to the work. I have used the same reoccurring circular shapes that relate to mandalas, cells and neurological processes. The collaged images are surreal and dreamlike, as the piece is a continuation of my work looking at psychosis and dream experiences. I have used collaged letters that do not read or spell anything out, this is to create a sense of confusion.

_MG_1702 _MG_1703 _MG_1704 _MG_1707 _MG_1709