Recently I have been working on some large canvases using acrylic paint, collaged paper, PVA glue, glitter glue, ink and oil pastels. I decided to use some of my sketchbook work as inspiration to move onto these larger scale pieces. I wasn’t sure how it would work on a larger scale, the general appearance of the works is quite abstract but as you look closer you can see the layers of collage under the glue, ink and paint. I used circle shapes as I have been interested in mandalas for a while now, and these shapes have often appeared in my smaller collages. (A Mandala circle is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism representing the Universe and cosmos, but can also be a symbol of self). I wanted the content of the collages to appear bizarre and confusing to the viewer, to give an insight into the surreality, distress or even euphoria that someone experiencing psychosis may feel. This theme is a continuation of one of my sketchbooks which focuses on my experiences of working on a psychiatric ward with acutely unwell and distressed patients. I have included images that show the progress of these pieces and the gradual building up of layers. I apologise for the quality of these images, I will be uploading some better pictures when these are finished.

IMG_0244 IMG_0247   IMG_0248IMG_0269IMG_0306



October 20, 2010

Words and lettering are something that often appears in my work, words are in themselves a form of semiotics. They can become part of the image, and inspire visual outcomes. The surrealists and dadaists often used something called automatic writing. This means the writer sits and begins to write until they are no longer aware they are writing, at this point theoretically they are in some kind of trance and the things that come out are from the subconscious. For my ‘self portrait in words’ I sat and thought of all the words that reflected on the previous few weeks, I also asked my flat-mates to do the same, then lastly I chose a few striking words from magazines. These words were the starting point for my piece of creative writing, the collages below were the first visual realizations. More recently I have been working on a sketchbook full of just collages, a film, and a series of paintings.