Using Art as a Way to Reflect…

October 26, 2015

Since beginning my course in Art Psychotherapy last month I haven’t posted on this blog as I have been so busy!  It is such an exciting time and I feel that I’m in a real period of transition- which is both liberating and terrifying! Last week we were asked to do some reading about supervision in Art Psychotherapy practice and to make an artistic response to a particular chapter. It was fascinating to see how we all focused on different aspects of the text, and to see the large variety of work produced in the class. In my own pieces I explored more generally the idea of difficult and intense material that we may encounter as therapists, and how this material may be contained in the frame of the supervisory space, and beyond this through the clinical supervision received by the supervisor. My chaotic images are a metaphor for this, in this case all is contained within the limits of the paper. We may idealise our supervisor or (personal therapist within our own experience of therapy) as ‘the rescuer’ and this is something to be aware of- is this also a standard that we set for ourselves in our own work? 



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