Saturday Art Workshop

September 21, 2015

On Saturday I helped to run  (and took part in) another art group with my local mental health charity, my co-facilitator had recently been on a meditation retreat and used this to inspire our project. For 10 minutes we listened to a track of meditative music and tried to visualise a scene or journey. The process was difficult to begin with and it was difficult to see anything, after a few minutes however the images came more easily to me. Towards the end of the meditation I could just see colours and shapes and this was quite vivid. Other people in the group also had a similar experience in seeing colours, the sound of birds chirping made us think of nature and of exotic landscapes. We were then encouraged to make a sculpture using clay and painted the art work there and then. Each of the sculptures were vastly different and gave a short glimpse into the imagination and personal journey of each creator. Below are some images of the piece I made.



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