New Drawings From Life Class

June 12, 2015

_MG_1990  _MG_1997  _MG_1999 _MG_2001 _MG_2003 _MG_2004



A lot of these drawings were done in quite a short amount of time in the class, which gives them a much greater sense of immediacy and movement. I’m still exploring the use of charcoal and I have been trying to focus more on tone in some of the drawings, as I have a habit of making drawings in a purely linear way.


7 Responses to “New Drawings From Life Class”

  1. Lena Adams Says:

    These are great! How I wish I could attend classes like that. Great tone & line.

  2. pfelelep Says:

    great artworks indeed, I believe this is charcoal and/or pencil? how large are the drawings? 🙂

  3. Andrew Seal Says:

    Thanks for visiting and introducing me to your blog and your wonderful work. I am enjoying your fearless expressive adventure into the creation of all your images, whether charcoal, collage or water-colour. I look forward to following you in the coming months. Best wishes 🙂

    • jwri Says:

      Thank you for your kind words! I love your paintings and studies on your blog! They make me want to drop everything and go travelling somewhere hot and sunny 🙂 likewise I look forward to following your work! 🙂

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