Life Drawing Class

May 26, 2015

I have been attending a life drawing class at the Royal Drawing School in central London now every week for the last month. The techniques, difficulties and triumphs of drawing from life brought me back to my days at university a few years ago. I remember being told that we should draw everyday, and this is something that I still agree with. Life happens though, and while art will always be my first love, drawing is not always a priority on the greater scheme of things. The drawing class has kept me making art over the last few weeks, in what would otherwise be a creative drought. Here are a few of my drawings that I have practiced using charcoal in._MG_1959











One Response to “Life Drawing Class”

  1. Russell. Says:

    Great job! Figures look organic, and not awkward. Last drawing in this series, well executed considering foreshortened view. Thanks for sharing, Russell.

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