Moving Towards Abstraction

April 29, 2012

Something stranged happened last week when I was painting. I have always been intrested in colours that sing and really do something when placed next to eachother, but up until now my work has always been figurative. I began to add brushstrokes and colours to my painting spontaneously…a little dangerous when this particular painting is going to be exhibited I know, but it felt like the right thing to do. After that particular painting session I didn’t touch my painting for a week, out of fear really; as I know this painting needs to be somewhat coherent and I felt I’d gone a little mad. I decided instead after looking at some close up sections of my painting that I’d try some abstract painting for the first time. These are the sections of my painting that inspired me to try working in a different way:



In order to bring a freshness to my painting of Kayleigh I took a risk and began to paint over one of my unfinished paintings I planned to exhibit. I found it very liberating and did not feel at all upset about painting over something I had spent many hours doing. This is the beginning of my first abstract painting, I plan to keep working on it after I have finished my degree show work.



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