Finding a Style…..

September 24, 2011

After appreciating the colours of Matisse in Paris, and the sculpture of Michelangelo in Florence  in June, I still found myself feeling rather dry of inspiration.  Juggling looking  for a job in Aberystwyth, and working in my old college space, I realised the need to develop a more distinct style. I’ve been finding it difficult to get started as I am going into my third year at uni, and the degree show feels a bit like a weight on my shoulders. The moment all my friends and family walk into the exhibition space, I want them to be impressed. I want to show progression, and my pieces to work on a compositional and aesthetic level. Collage is probably the most natural thing that comes to me. If I don’t feel like drawing I can easily chop and rearrange bits from a magazine. My art foundation work involved a lot of magazine collage and acrylic paint, but at the beginning of uni I almost went back to basics; using oils and trying to refine my basic painting skills. I’ve been wondering how I can combine my oil painting and collage together, without a greasy disagreement between the glue, paper, and oils…..

So far images by these particular artists have inspired my ideas:

The image above is by a collage artist I found in Berlin last year called Tim Roeloffs.


Chris Ofili

Gustav Klimt


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