October 20, 2010

Words and lettering are something that often appears in my work, words are in themselves a form of semiotics. They can become part of the image, and inspire visual outcomes. The surrealists and dadaists often used something called automatic writing. This means the writer sits and begins to write until they are no longer aware they are writing, at this point theoretically they are in some kind of trance and the things that come out are from the subconscious. For my ‘self portrait in words’ I sat and thought of all the words that reflected on the previous few weeks, I also asked my flat-mates to do the same, then lastly I chose a few striking words from magazines. These words were the starting point for my piece of creative writing, the collages below were the first visual realizations. More recently I have been working on a sketchbook full of just collages, a film, and a series of paintings.


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