The beginning of my blogging

November 6, 2009

a thoughtful picture of me


Vincent Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ is perhaps my favourite painting in the world. In a new media lesson we were asked to choose several images from the internet to make a collage on photoshop. i really had fun with this as you can probably tell, a surreal scene involving punks shooting cows, and black cats taking candlelit baths near polka dot trees…who wouldn’t have fun with that?

collage flat

Surreal sentances

Two weeks ago in one of my extra art practice classes, we all sat round a table and thought of 30 words that reflected on the last few days. The words could be from any language, and be any kind of word, this made it really interesting with all our international students and different dialects here at aberystwyth. We put our 30 words in the middle of the table, mixed them up, then picked out 30 new words. I made my own sentance with these words that were chosen for me, the result was a very surreal sentance indeed, abit like a dada poem, but with more subconcious imput perhaps. Here is my sentance or ‘dada poem’:

L’arc en ciel, a gate, staircase, window, an hour spent chewing gum. Tall robot and small furby are violently painting on the beach, with soap and trout, in the wind and rain. ‘Ciasteczka’ is a prayer and a lullaby. Unsure doctor? Trust the monitor table tarry; ‘Tourist Token Tomb’

To illustrate the poem I made a series of collages, adding extra words or phrases occasionally that sometimes related to the words, but sometimes didn’t. The randomness of some phrases were more dada-esque I feel.

Print Making

We started with relief printing this semester…i used some sketches of my room mates for my first two linos, i found the process of calving away the lino quite theraputic for some reason, i liked the way it was so easy to manipulate, wood-cuts were abit less cooperative haha…some people actually injured themselves in the class, so to everyone who hasn’t done relief printing yet, lino is the splinter free option…the effect of the woodgrain that you get from a woodcut however is quite nice.


This particular lino was a self portrait, due to it being abit larger than my other linos it was hard to get a perfect print. I used some of my prints on newspaper to make some slightly strange cubist like collages which was interesting 🙂

An inspiring day at the library…

Until yesterday I had never been to the national library of wales which is literally 5 minutes away from my flat…as a part of a new class i have started all about exploring yourself, we had a talk from one of the artists exhibiting. The exhibition consisted of collections of objects, to a fair few people that’s all they were; objects. Every person perhaps would have a different thought or association with these objects. It was not until the artist fully explained his work that I was so inspired. These objects symbolised aspects of his life. He explained one particular piece to us that consisted of several post cards and old photos in frames. These photo frames told the story of an amazing friendship, as the artist stood for 20 minutes explaining how these objects symbolised his past memories, the objects came to life in my imagination. These personal stories showed me how you can entirely give yourself in art, how you can use art to share your life experiences, and make people visually experience them in a way. I did a self portraiture project for my art foundation show earlier this year, focusing on the idea of symbolising myself rather than exactly painting myself. I feel however that i could have given soo much more, that perhaps i only just touched the surface of what is possible. Art work in a way can be like therapy, look at Tracey Emin’s very personal conceptual unmade bed, and her tent with the names of everyone she ever slept with. I realised that unlike the artist (who’s name is Stuart Evans) I do not have so much life experience, this is why i thought about expressing my childhood in my art. All these ideas of revisiting the past were whirling around in my head, yesterdayI realised it would be a long term self directed project.  We were also given a project to bring in for the next class, in the same way as Staurt Evans we were asked to collect our own objects to make a kind of self portrait 🙂

I didn’t really have as much to work with as i would have liked, as i left a lot of my tat at home when i came to uni… i’m quite happy with my box though as a quick representation of me. The objects images and words all relate to me in some way 🙂

Surreal sentances continued- Concsiousness

For the self directed element of my surreal sentances project i decided i wanted to visually express some text in a different way, i decided to make a film. I looked at some surrealism and dada films for inspiration, then made a new piece of text. For this text me and 5 other people sat and wrote 30 words reflecting on the last few days…these words fabricated my text. I picked some words from the text that i felt i could express in an interesting way through film. The majority of the film involved black and white imagery, but i added bits of colour to contrast and symbolise colour related imagery.


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